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本文摘要:Less than two months ago Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler’s chief executive, announced that the Alfa Romeo 4C was finally ready for prime time in the U.S., following several delays.早于在两个月前,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司(Fiat Chrysler)首席执行官塞尔吉奥o马尔基翁就曾多次宣告,经过多次延


Less than two months ago Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler’s chief executive, announced that the Alfa Romeo 4C was finally ready for prime time in the U.S., following several delays.早于在两个月前,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司(Fiat Chrysler)首席执行官塞尔吉奥o马尔基翁就曾多次宣告,经过多次延期之后,阿尔法o罗密欧(Alfa Romeo)4C再一作好了最后的打算,庆贺自己在美国将要来临的黄金时代。On Thursday, several copies of the sexy Italian two-seater were available for test laps at FCA’s proving grounds in Chelsea, Mich. Aside from routine nitpicking, automotive journalists registered respect, if not awe, at the 4C’s performance and especially its low-slung, curvy exterior.上周四,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司获取了这款迷人的意大利产双座汽车的几辆样车,可供外界在密歇根州切尔西的汽车试验场展开试驾。除了例行公事的吹毛求疵之外,汽车业记者们争相被4C的性能,特别是在是它流线型的较低车身外观所赞叹。

Within a few months, 500 of Alfa’s “Launch Edition” of the 4C — featuring a few extra frills, such as carbon fiber accents in the interior — will go on sale for just under $70,000 in North America. The company doesn’t expect to sell more than a thousand or so of the hand-built 4Cs. The regular edition will cost slightly less, starting at $55,000; both are aimed at well-heeled customers who probably already own a few vehicles.几个月后,500辆“亮相版”将在北美地区销售,售价高于70,000美元。亮相版中将还包括许多额外的装饰,例如碳纤维内饰等。这家公司预计销售不多达1000辆手工打造出的4C。


普通版的价格较低,起售价为55,000美元;两版车型的目标客户都是早已享有多辆汽车的富足阶层。Fiat Chrysler has much bigger ambitions than this particular model. The 4C, to be sold at 85 Alfa Romeo dealerships, is the precursor of eight more Alfa models through 2018, all built in Italy and all containing a dose of Ferrari engineering and design expertise. Fiat Chrysler executives in Chelsea said the franchise could represent a $5 billion investment. Fiat Chrysler and Marchionne still must raise much of the capital that is needed.除了4C外,菲亚特克莱斯勒还有更大的野心。它计划至2018年发售另外八款阿尔法车型,全部在意大利生产,全部具备法拉利的工程与设计特点。


菲亚特克莱斯勒与马尔基翁依然必须通过融资来取得所必须的大部分资金。Dave Sullivan, manager of product analysis for AutoPacific, said “the 4C will turn more heads than anything from Lotus,” the British maker of exotic sports cars.太平洋汽车公司(AutoPacific)产品分析经理戴维o苏利文说道:“4C将比莲花集团(Lotus)的任何车型都要更加引人注目。”莲花集团是生产异国情调跑车的英国制造商。“I am six foot, three inches, though, and I can’t drive it. My line of vision is above the sun visor. I also had a very difficult time trying to climb/roll out of it. This is not a car you’d want your wife trying to get out of in a skirt,” he said.他说道:“虽然我的体重是六英尺三英寸,但我不了进这款车。


”Its limitations notwithstanding, Sullivan said he’s “excited to see it on the road.”但尽管有这些局限性,苏利文还是回应,自己对于“能看见它上路深感出现异常激动。”At 2,465 pounds and powered by a 1.7-liter engine rated at 237 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque, the car has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. It’s not blindingly fast, but it’s certainly quick enough to raise your pulse. Its light weight is achieved by a carbon fiber cockpit, extensive use of aluminum in the structure and plastic composite for the exterior.4C车身重2,465英镑,使用1.7升至发动机,额定功率为237马力,扭矩为259英尺-磅,享有超高的动力-重量比。虽然这款汽车还约将近令人目眩的速度,但也却不足以让人心跳加快。


阿尔法o罗密欧4C使用碳纤维座舱和铝制车身框架,而外部则用于了塑料复合材料,使车身超过极为轻量化。Marchionne’s management and strategy since taking over Chrysler following its 2009 bankruptcy, and uniting the company with Fiat, have been magical. Much work remains, though, to ensure Fiat Chrysler can remain a going venture; one of the most formidable tasks is the creation of a luxury franchise, which is Alfa’s mission.2009年克莱斯勒(Chrysler)倒闭之后,由马尔基翁接管。


Keeping an eye on Alfa — on what kind of buzz it generates and on how eager investors are to risk capital on the rest of product line — are key to understanding Fiat Chrysler’s future.要想要理解菲亚特克莱斯勒的未来,关键是注目阿尔法——想到它不会产生什么样的话题,以及投资者在其他产品投放资金的热情。