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本文摘要:Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs想要省钱?


Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs想要省钱?再行老大你的房顶降温吧!The roof of a house can get pretty hot in the summer. Even if there is an insulated attic below, some of that heat can work its way into the living space. That can make air conditioners work harder and pump up electricity bills. But a thin, paint-like coating could help keep roofs cooler, a teen researcher finds. And in urban areas, widespread use of her new roofing treatment might even cut the formation of lung-irritating ozone on hot days.夏季散发出的太阳油炸的屋顶奇热无比,尽管有有防水起到的阁楼,但还是抵挡不住骄阳的高温击穿屋顶转入房间内。这可累坏了家里的空调,甚至还不会有额外的电费账单等着缴纳呢。


但一位青年研究员找到一层薄薄的涂料就能协助房顶炎热下来。在市区内,尽管是很热的天气,用于她的新式屋顶隔热法即使在很热的天气下也能增加不会对肺导致性刺激的臭氧的构成。Shingles come in many colors, but dark ones are especially popular, says Jesseca Kusher. The 18-year old attends Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. Like most dark objects, shingles absorb a lot of heat from sunlight. In the summer sun, they can easily reach 73.5° Celsius (164° Fahrenheit), she notes. If those shingles reflected more sunlight, theyd stay cooler. And that could help cut down on home cooling bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioning consumes about 5 percent of all the energy used in the United States. Cooling buildings costs the nation about $11 billion each year.据一位来自南加利福尼亚州斯帕坦堡走读学校的18岁学生Jesseca Kusher讲解,这种类似的屋顶由多种颜色构成,黑色最为热门。




Jesseca Kusher, an 18-year-old researcher from Spartansburg, S.C., invented a paint-on coating for roofing shingles. Her formula could reduce a homes cooling costs and possibly cut ozone pollution in urban areas.Jesseca Kusher,一名来自斯帕坦堡走读学校的18岁学生发明者了一种房顶防水涂层。她的发明者能增加一个家庭因加热器而产生的额外费用并同时减少市区的臭氧层污染物。So Jesseca looked into ways to make shingles reflect more light. She mixed tiny particles - a powder - made from any of several different substances into a clear paint-like coating. One coating got graphite, the same material in pencil lead. Another recipe included gypsum. Thats a soft mineral often found in the drywall干式墙 used in construction. She even tried adding mica. Thats a mineral used in some lampshades. It readily breaks into small, glittering flakes.Jesseca也尝试过找寻能让这种屋顶光线更加多光的方法。

她把由给定几种有所不同物质组合而成的粉状物,也就是微小粒子混合成一种类似于涂料的东西。这种涂层还包括黑铅(和铅笔芯一样的材料),另一种成分是石膏,这是一种多见于干式墙建筑中的软矿物材料,甚至她还尝试着再加云母,一种很更容易被切碎成闪亮的晶片的矿物。Each of these powders came in several colors. In each of Jessecas test recipes, her reflective powder accounted for 40 percent of the weight of the final mixture. She also prepared some of the paint-like coatings with no additive. That would let her judge whether a powder - versus the transparent goop it was added to - affected a shingles reflectivity, she explains.每一种粉状物都会放进几种有所不同的颜色,在jesseca的成分实验中,能展开光线的粉占到最后混合物重量的40%。同时她也打算了无任何加到的类似于涂料的东西,这样她能辨别全然的粉状物以及加到了半透明物质的粉状物否不会对屋顶光的光线产生影响。