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本文摘要:Phones are gradually replacing a large number of everyday items and the latest household gadget under threat is the weighing scale.手机渐渐代替我们生活中很多东西。而目前受到威胁的东西就是称之为。


Phones are gradually replacing a large number of everyday items and the latest household gadget under threat is the weighing scale.手机渐渐代替我们生活中很多东西。而目前受到威胁的东西就是称之为。Huawei recently unveiled a phone that can be used to weigh small objects thanks to its pressure-sensitive screen, and now an app promises to add the same feature to the iPhone 6s.近期,华为发售了一款新手机。

这款手机应用于压力感应器屏,故称出有小东西的重量。而现在,iPhone 6s也将在其系统中发售类似于功能的应用软件。Called Gravity, the app uses the handsets 3D Touch technology to turn the display into a scale, but Apple doesnt appear to be a fan of the app and has rejected it from the store.Gravity应用程序应用于3D触碰技术,可将称之为重物的重量转化成为数据。

而苹果奇特对这个程序不感兴趣,拒绝接受在应用于商店中上线。Gravity was created by California-based design engineer Ryan McLeod who posted a blog about the development process on Medium.Gravity应用程序创建者为加州设计师瑞恩麦克劳德。曾在其博客中公开发表了媒介的发展过程。

It can be calibrated using quarter coins placed on a spoon and once calibrated, objects up to 0.8lbs (385g) can be weighed.将硬币(25分面值)放到架上上就可以已完成手机称之为的编辑工作。编辑后,重量在0.8磅(385克)内的物品都可以用此软件上除去。

The spoon is necessary because, as Mr McLeod explained: We needed an object that was conductive, had finger-like capacitance, formed a single finger-like touch point, was a household item, and could hold items to be weighed.麦克劳德先生称之为,架上必不可少。“因为我们必须一个传感物。



家里的小东西就可以当作称之为了。”A spoon was the perfect solution we had been looking for.“小架上极致地解决问题了问题的症结。”In a demonstration video, the app is shown being calibrated before a 100g weight, a US plug and coins are placed on the spoon.在展示视频中,此应用程序事前用插头和硬币等小东西调试,使其表明数据为100克。

The measurement for the 100g weight is shown as being slightly out - by 0.283g - but this is still remarkably accurate for a device not designed primarily as a weighing scale.100克重量的严重误差为0.283克。对于一款不以“称之为”为设计理念的应用软件而言,这个数据早已很准确了。Mr McLeod submitted the app to the Apple App Store on 29 September, but it was rejected on 7 October because the concept of a scale app was not appropriate.9月29日麦克劳德先生将此应用程序引荐给苹果应用于商店。

但是,10月7日,苹果拒绝接受此软件上线。原因是“除去软件的理念不合理。”He also speculated that the reason may be because weighing items using the screen could damage the display and is hoping Apple changes its mind.麦克劳德还推断原因有可能是,秤物品可能会损毁显示屏。


但仍期望苹果转变主意。We have a strong respect for the subjective process Apple uses to maintain a selection of high quality apps and look forward to seeing other creative uses of 3D Touch, but do hope for a day when Gravity can be one of the hand-picked, who-knew-a-phone-could-do-that-apps anyone can download on the App Store and have in their pocket, he concluded.“对苹果检验高质量应用软件所持有人的相当可观态度我们深表崇敬,并期望上线其它3D触碰类软件。但仍期望Gravity沦为一款触手可及、家喻户晓、可装在口袋里的苹果系统软件。”At this years IFA conference in Berlin, Huawei announced its Mate S handset also has pressure pads built into the screen.在今年柏林开会的IFA会议上,华为宣告其Mate S系列手机也配有有内置压力垫。

In addition to being able to control different apps and options, this screen was shown doubling up as a digital scale - and was even used to weigh an orange at the event.除了反对多款应用程序和自由选择,此显示屏经数据折换后可作为一款电子称,甚至曾用来称之为一个橘子的重量。